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Do you dream of working in the video game industry or want grow in your career?

Welcome to the international training academy for video game development. Digital Bros Game Academy is part of the Digital Bros Group, a global company that develops, publishes and distributes video games.

Digital Bros Game Academy offers students of all levels a complete range of online courses to train professionally in the ever-changing video game industry.

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Our Strengths

Personalized “Job-Ready” Training

Our more than 30-year experience in the gaming industry is unique to Digital Bros Game Academy and an integral part of offering our students high quality professional training to help them take their first steps in the industry or to advance their career.

To prepare job-ready professionals we have developed a hands-on, practical and collaborative approach to learning and acquiring the necessary skills you need for the job market.


You’ll be ready to tackle any project after taking one of our courses at the DBGA. Our approach offers our students all the necessary hard and soft skills required by the industry. What’s more, to give you a real competitive advantage, you’ll be leaning in an environment that replicates the real dynamics of a video game development studio.


Our trainers are highly qualified professionals in the field who use their work experience as a teaching tool and pass it on to students, helping to cultivate their talent and enhance their natural abilities to bring them that much closer to achieving their professional goals.


We have with over 100 partners around the world. We promote meetings and facilitate networking for our students with our industry partners. We also help students create a professional portfolio of their work, structure a CV and find a job through our jobs site, DBGA Careers.

Choose Your Online Blended Course

3D Game Art

Acquire both basic and advanced techniques in modeling, digital sculpting, and texturing.

Game Design

Behind every video game there is always a great idea and excellent project coordination. Start your journey today and take your first steps into the incredible world of Game Design.

Game Programming

Live streaming

Transform ideas into reality through coding and bring your game to life!

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A word from our students

Andrea Ramoso

Former online student, Game Design

With the Game Design online course, I learned the video game production process, both theoretical and practical sides, the creation of game mechanics, testing, prototyping and teamwork.

Cristian Ghiorzi

Former online student, Game Programming

It was a very interesting learning experience that provided a wealth of information, not mention a lot fun. Project design was definitely a huge challenge. I gained the programming techniques I needed and received some of the best training as far as the standard of development studies is concerned. This path gave me a broader view of the Game Industry and I learned how to navigate within it. Today, many jobs as a game developer are remote, and this means being able to work completely online. Taking an online course is a great opportunity to gain just that kind of experience.

Davide Salvucci

Former online student, Game Design

It was an experience that allowed me to work in a real development studio-like environment and learn directly from a video game industry veteran. Working on projects was very important from an educational point of view. The skills I acquired, from documentation to my newfound respect for the work itself and that of my colleagues, will stay with me every day for the rest of my professional life. At the end of the road, thanks to DBGA Careers, I found a job in the video game industry. Today I am Lead Game Designer in 7 Digital Labs.

Danilo Mormino

Former online student, Game Programming

This course completely changed my outlook on learning. The experience of working with professionals and people who all share the same dream is priceless. Developing video game projects gave me the opportunity to really feel like part of a development team, and the things you learn through experience are by far the best. At the end of the course, thanks to the DBGA Careers site, I was contacted by Smallthing Studios, where I currently work as a Game Programmer

Andrea Monti

Former online student, Game Design

Thanks to this course I learned to understand what gamers like and how to make an idea a reality, to work in a team and to help the people I work with. Thanks to the industry experience and the professionalism of the Core Trainer, every lesson led to a new discovery and learning.

Martina Fargnoli

Former online student, Game Design

It was the passion that other game designers showed when they talked about their games that pushed me to take the next step. Thanks to the course, I learned to manage the work that a game designer is called upon to do every day.

Michael Ruggieri

Former online student, Game Design

The experience was amazing and my Core Trainer, Derek, was real well-prepared, kind, and always available for feedback and questions. I really appreciated feeling like part of a development team. I will always remember it as a wonderful experience where I met interesting, capable, and professional people.

Marco Profiti

Former online student, Game Design

This course was a solid, timely and all-encompassing training experience. The projects were a great opportunity to experience a real-life development environment for the first time. After this experience and thanks to the passion and advice of my fantastic trainer, I know for a fact the career path I chose was the right one for me!

Andrea Cancellieri

Former online student, Game Design

Working on projects in a team was the best way to put my knowledge to the test, in a scenario as close as possible to real video game production, complete with objectives, deadlines, presentations, and challenging production decisions. Exactly as it happens in the video game industry.

Michael Sarti

Former online student, Game Design

From this experience I have brought home such rich knowledge of nuances from within the world of Game Design, the passion of my Core Trainer and the desire be able to to complete any project with determination and tenacity.

Fabio Notarfranco

Former online student, Game Design

This experience was so useful and engaging and the trainers were fantastic. Had it not been online, I never would have been able to attend a course so essential to me as this. Thanks to my work, I was able to challenge myself and acquire an even greater awareness of my abilities.

Alessio Maira

Former online student, Game Programming

This course was an important training experience, in which I was able to touch the various stages of video game development with my own hands. Working on projects gave me the opportunity to test not only the technical ability I gained, but the soft skills as well, like teamwork.

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What our partners say about us

Jarek Kolář

Head of Development | INGAME STUDIOS

“I really welcome the arrival of DBGA with their specialized Game Design, Game Art and Game Programming courses in the Czech Republic. Their online blended hybrid approach to training will fill the gap between traditional education and schools and online tutorial videos. This will help people start or improve their careers in game development”.

Tereza Podaná

HR Business Partner | Grip Studios

“I can confidently recommend Digital Bros Academy for its professionalism and commitment to fostering talent in the gaming industry. Their focus on working together with industry partners is unique, providing a great first step into your career in gaming. The DBGA team, as well as the students we’ve met so far, were always dedicated and enthusiastic people and are a pleasure to work with.”